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A shining star, Edward Legodi – Insure Group’s super hero

A company that has a strong set of values at its core not only has a healthy soul but has a very clear framework within which to guide the conduct and processes of the business. Insure Group Managers holds it’s set of values – Integrity, Professionalism, Excellence, Innovation and Compliance very dear to its heart.  However, it is also important for the company to not only display these in various formats throughout the business and talk about them, but to find ways in which these values can be demonstrated in a tangible fashion and through tangible behavior and conduct as to ensure that visible examples in the business support the set of values.

One such an initiative is to designate a Value-Ambassador for a period of a year, whose responsibility amongst other is to in turn select a “value-ambassador of the month” monthly throughout the year.  At the core of the selection of the Ambassador of the Year is the chosen staff member’s commitment to the business values and the way in which these values are expressed through conduct.

In December 2017 CEO, Charl Cilliers, awarded Edward Legodi the ambassador of the year award. Edward is the organisation’s Maintenance Team Leader / Driver. He joined the organisation in 2004 and has been with us for the past 14 years.

Charl Cilliers believes that Edward has an “I’ll do it…” attitude and a “Nothing too much, too big, or too small to do…” outlook on life. He also acknowledged the fact that Edward “Walks past you and greets you with a smile every time he sees you…”.  Edward is “Humble, hard-working, consistent and positive… what you see is what you get”. Edward is and always has been “punctual, neat, always available, flexible and approachable.”

When asked what this award means to him, Edward said, “This award means a lot to me because it shows that the company recognises my efforts, it truly makes me proud to be a member of Insure Group staff”.  Edward said that he believes the qualities required for an ambassador include being “punctual, respectful, being available when needed and willingness to go the extra mile”. What he enjoys the most about his work is “the opportunity to constantly prove” himself and motivate other staff members.

Edward believes that people should remain original and authentic at all times. He says “the main thing is respect for all staff member regardless of their positions in the organisation”, he is a firm believer in treating everybody equally and said that for staff to get along better they have to “understand other people’s feelings.” What frustrates Edward the most is “when there is a plan, then it changes without communication.” About his future plans he said he plans “to continue doing the best I can at what I do and to remain consistent throughout the changing times and environment. I also want to live by example and encourage others to do the same”.

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