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Utilise our independent debit order and premium handling services for the collection, deposit and disbursement of premium, commission and other charges to Insurers, Underwriting Managers, Brokers, Administrators and approved third parties.

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Premium Handling; Insurance Premium Financing; Broker Acquision Funding & other complimentary range of services.
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  • Enhance your business through utilizing our flexible and efficient electronic debit order collection service.
  • Our service includes the management of collections, deposits and disbursements of premiums, commissions and fees to Insurers, Intermediaries and other approved parties.
  • You have the flexibility of multiple strike dates, meaning you can collect on any banking day of the month, including Saturdays.
  • We provide you with daily electronic notification of internal rejections, through our pre-validation system and external unpaids, also indicating the banking reason codes for the rejection.
  • You have the ability to segment your portfolio through our innovative system of sub-accounting.
  • You can elect to have a separate bank account if so arranged.
  • Based on the volume and value of premiums handled on your behalf, you participate in an investment income sharing arrangement.
  • We obtain the Bank Guarantees (ACB securities) for collections administered on your behalf based on collection values and item limits
  • You have an option to manage Claims Floats.
  • We are also equipped to manage premium in foreign currency.

Providing you with Comfort, Convenience and Compliance

Providing you with Comfort, Convenience and Compliance

What is this going to cost?

Providing you with Comfort, Convenience and Compliance
  • Based on transaction value and volume, we offer a flexible and competitive fee structure as well as investment income sharing arrangements.
  • Contact us to request one of our Senior Account Executives to present you with a proposal tailored to your needs.


  • The only requirement for your client will be to sign a Premium Handling Agreement with Insure Group Managers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What will appear on our Clients bank statement…?

A: We can customise the referencing on your Clients' bank statements.

Q:Is there a mid-month cut-off date for collection?

A: No. We can collect any day except on a Sunday or Public Holiday. Should you send a file with the date for a Sunday or a Public Holiday the bank will move the collection date to the next business day.
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