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Intermediaries Guarantee Facility (IGF)

Intermediaries Guarantee Facility is a facility established within the short-term insurance industry for the purposes of providing security in terms of Section 45 of the Short Term Insurance Act.

A short-term insurer may not authorise a person in writing to act as an independent intermediary, to receive, hold or in any other manner deal with premiums payable to it under short term policies unless that person has provided security in terms of the Regulations of the Short Term Insurance Act 1998. Further details regarding the Intermediary Guarantee Facility can be found here

As prescribed by current insurance legislation Insure Group Managers Limited holds a guarantee with the Intermediaries Guarantee Facility (“IGF”). This guarantee (ref. 003463) is held at the current maximum prescribed limit.

  • Guarantee ref no: IGF 003463 – Insure Group Managers Ltd
  • Current IGF period: 1 December 2016 – 30 November 2017
  • IGF Status: Active
  • Guarantee amount: R100 million (maximum)
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